Beverly Hills Lashes was born in 2011 out of a desire to increase and maintain high standards through this growing and fabulous industry. Realizing there was a need to redefine the standards provided by eyelash stylists and clients alike, Beverly Hills Lashes invests time and money into making this brand one that provides the best quality products such as adhesives, lashes and training for new and practicing stylists.

Beverly Hills Lashes Experts

When applied and designed correctly, semi permanent Beverly Hills Lashes extensions can make a person look younger, more defined and attractive. A single synthetic strand of hair is attached delicately to the client’s natural eyelash with BHL Adhesive glue. Working in a systematic fashion, we fill up our clients lashes with the extensions, slowly creating volume and length. With hundreds of different lengths, thicknesses and curls to choose from, the BHL trained stylist analyses the clients’ eye shape, lifestyle and natural lash condition to customize their look. Clients will be lying down, in a peaceful environment to ensure 100% concentration from the stylist and 100% relaxation for the client.

The Beverly Hills Lashes philosophy is founded on caring about what we do as Eyelash Stylists. We accept and rise to the responsibility we have for our clients; that this is a semi permanent treatment and must be done with due care and attention at every single application. Certified Beverly Hills Lashes Stylists will be trained to correctly apply eyelash extensions, designed specifically to the needs of their clients and provide relevant aftercare advice. To enable our stylists to grow here at BHL, we provide continued advanced education and support to help develop and perfect their skills. This is a creative industry and Beverly Hills Lashes is always developing techniques, products and material to keep up with ever growing demand of the industry.