“Even though it’s such as small thing, it makes you look more alive and awake,” Beverly Hills Lashes owner Gloria Ting says….


Avete mai sentito parlare del lifting ciglia o lash lifting? Questa tecnica molto diffusa negli Stati Uniti permette di ottenere ciglia incurvate per settimane. Il risultato è naturale ma visibile, tanto che non richiede l’applicazione di mascara per sfoggiare ciglia da cerbiatta.


Fabulous eye;ashes are the ultimate accessory. Here, tips from the pros to help you achieve the look…..


With the help of Candice from Beverly Hills Lashes, we put the Lash Lift to the test to find out if it’s a good alternative to eyelash extensions. The process claims to give you stunning lashes that last for up 2 months and the process only takes around 45 minutes. She says, “It’s the fastest and easiest way to brighten up your face.


Few things are more laborious than the process of curling lashes, applying, reapplying, and removing mascara day and night. “Extensions are a small thing that make a big impact on a woman’s face while drastically cutting down on prep time,” says Gloria Ting of Beverly Hills Lasheswhere Gigi Hadid, Gotham exec Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and television producer Jane Lipsitz are clients.


For those of you who have had eyelash extensions, you know how tough it can be to properly follow all of the post-care instructions. Some eyelash specialists warn against getting facials, using oils (cleansers included!), hitting the steam room or sleeping on your face—in other words, everything we love to do.


Accentuating the eyelashes can be achieved in myriad ways, and with varying levels of commitment—whether with a swipe of mascara, a tint job, or full extensions. To demystify the ins and outs of eyelash embellishment, The Violet Files turned to the experts.


What is the biggest difference between mink and synthetic eyelash extensions, and should people actually choose one over the other?


Ting’s work ethic, discretion, and skillfully trained, artistic eye sets her far above the highest standard that the beauty industry has to offer. This has secured her the loyalty of many high profile patrons, a growing list that includes: Marie-Chantal, the crown princess of Greece, Florence Welch of Florence & the Machine, Jessica Sutta of The Pussycat Dolls, newscaster Lu Parker, and Kayla Ewell of The Vampire Diaries.


Another must in the current beauty regime includes fluttering your eyelash extensions. Famed Beverly Hills Lashes recently announced their re-launch under new successor Gloria Ting at the Lulur Day Spa on Robertson and Melrose in West Hollywood. The service is high in precision and each lash is treated with luxe materials such as Siberian Mink lashes that have collected a cult following over the last decade.


Ladies, search no further, Beverly Hills Lashes™ will spoil you this season!

Looking for the ultimate facial treatment? Whether it’s for the extra polished red carpet flair, holiday party or simple no-makeup everyday look, the naturally glamorous look is in! This is why women across Los Angeles are raving about Beverly Hills Lashes.


I was obsessed from the moment I saw the quality of their pieces. It will blow your mind. These are not your average Rite Aid eyelashes. These are FAB. Beverly Hills Lashes is a mainstay in the Los Angeles’ beauty scene, under the direction of lash and beauty expert Gloria Ting.


I am loving my new lashes! I get lash extensions every once and a while because it looks like you have on strip lashes, but these actually last for a month! So amazing. I just got these from Beverly Hills Lashes and they are staying so well and looking good after two weeks!


I visited Gloria Ting at Beverly Hills Lashes for a session and came out with gorgeous lashes. I felt just like a baby doe. If you’re considering lash extensions yourself, we’ve got everything you’ll need to know beforehand.


After epicly failing at perming Viv’s eyelashes, we’ve decided to take this one to the professionals. The people at Beverly Hills Lashes definitely know what they are doing. Watch as Vivian’s lashes go from limp to lifted!!! This is truly magical.


Admit it, you can't leave the house without your lashes done! ✋🏽 For this episode of #CrashTestBeauties, a few ipsy staff members got their lashes permed! Yes, it’s real thing and if you want to see how it works, press play now


Got my lashes lifted at Beverly Hills Lashes. Check out by before and after results!


Kailey, our graphic designer, and Raleigh, our style editor, both kissed eyelash curlers and mascara goodbye while openly embracing their new 15-minute morning routines (insert person-raising-both-hands-in-celebration emoji). All of this in the name of helping you discover which, if any, are a better fit for you.


Brittney Levine, fashion expert, reveals the secrets that the keep the stars fab.


The extensions created a sharp contrast, making my eyes pop. Lauren was a rockstar and she delivered a superior service. I am extremely happy with the care that I was provided, and will be continuing my eyelash extension services at Beverly Hills Lashes.


I have never been so regularly complimented on my lashes as I have done following my appointment at Beverly Hills Lashes, and I put that down to their technique of layering for a fuller, yet more natural look.


This alternative to eyelash extensions is perfect for people with eye sensitivities or those looking for a lower maintenance procedure. The best part is that the results can last for up to 12 weeks. After researching the procedure's safety (and it really is safe!), I booked the next available appointment at Beverly Hills Lashes.


Have worn many different lashes, but have never come across lashes that feel quite like these! Beverly Hills Lashes bring you beautiful semi-permanent synthetic mink -100% Cruelty Free Real Mink Fur lashes that are attached one by one to your own natural lashes. Gives you longer, darker and more abundant lashes that can last indefinitely with regular touch-ups.


If you make your way down Robertson in West Hollywood, side step the paparazzi and head just past Louboutin, hidden away in a quaint little courtyard is what I have discovered to be the best lash extension salon in all of WeHo! And that’s not a claim I take lightly! Never have I been so regularly complimented on my lashes as I have done following my appointment with Beverly Hills Lashes, and I put that down to their technique of layering for a fuller, yet more natural look (as opposed to creating a “strip lash” effect in one precise row.)


Envy long des cils? Vous devriez peut-être essayer Lash Extensions! Avant et après les extensions de cils Je suis né avec cils courts, minces et super-droites, donc je suis naturellement jaloux de tous ceux qui ont les cils qui sont belles, d'épaisseur et ont une courbure naturelle. Les cils de mon copain sont plus l


Are eyelash extensions right for you? We answer any questions you might have before getting them done.


Another reason why Beverly Hills Lashes is so successful is because they truly care about their client’s lash health. Their technicians take into consideration each individual’s natural lashes, their lifestyle and expectations before customizing each set of lashes specifically for their clients. Lashes range from a wide variety to choose from in length, thickness, curls, and available materials.


Luxury Lashes Welcome You at Beverly Mountain tops Lashes